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Success Stories

Mr. Theenis Kumar s/o Perumal
Quality Assurance Officer
Southern Globe Corporation Pte Ltd (Affiliation of SUSIAIR)
Graduate of Bachelor of Science (Honours) Aircraft Engineering – Top Up

“Having attained an Honours Degree from ATTC was a great way to step into the aerospace industry. ATTC has provided me with in-depth knowledge pertaining to this industry and the hands-on session have given me the needed practice to step into the working world. ATTC has brought out the potential in me and confidence to perform in this industry.”


Mr. Suresh Kumar s/o Nagaraju
Cat B1.1 Licensed Aircraft Engineer
SIA Engineering Company Limited
Graduate of Bachelor of Science (Honours) Aircraft Engineering – Top Up

“The Bachelor of Science (Honours) Aircraft Engineering – Top Up course offered by Kingston University London was very well organized and easy to comprehend. Studying at my own pace was tough and yet challenging. The lessons were well taught by dedicated and highly qualified lecturers who are passionate about imparting their knowledge. The course has certainly expanded my career opportunities and has made me more marketable and versatile in aviation industry”


Mr. Sudhan s/o Purushothuman
Land Gear Overhaul Engineer
Safran Landing Systems Services Singapore Pte Ltd
Graduate of Foundation in Aircraft Engineering (FdEng)

“Studying at ATTC was a great experience. The lecturers were very helpful and experienced. They related the theory lessons back to their working experiences. After my two years of Foundation Degree in Aircraft Engineering (FdEng), I went on to do the Top-Up final year in Kingston, London. Studying in London opened my eyes and allowed me to make friends from all around the world. I would highly recommend the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Aircraft Engineering – Top Up to anyone who wants a head start in the aerospace industry.”


Mr. Mohammad Fadhil Bin Ahmad Faizal
Trainee Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
Jet Aviation Singapore

Graduate of Foundation Degree in Aircraft Engineering (FdEng)

“I got lucky! I was interviewed and hired by Jet Aviation Singapore as a Trainee Aircraft Maintenance Engineer just 2 months after I graduated with the Foundation Degree in Aircraft Engineering in Air Transport Training College. The course was taught by experts in each field, from airframe, structures and avionics. The lectures ensure exposure to current trends in each field and the practical application of the concepts can be learnt from a number of real life applications and projects in each module. I believe that the course is well suited for those interested in avionics, aircraft, and maintenance engineering.”