Human Factors & Error Management (Refresher) course – 1 Day – Air Transport Training College

Human Factors & Error Management (Refresher) course – 1 Day

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Course Duration

Short course: 1 Day
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Course Commencement is subject to the minimum number of participants

Course Fees

The fee is SGD327 per participant – There is a 5% discount for members of SIAE.


An elementary course designed for Technicians & Operators working in the aerospace industry.

Industry Need

Employees who requires a refresher course in Human Factors that is applicable to an organisation.

Course Objectives

The depth of the course is designed for easy understanding of the topics.

Course Syllabus

The topics covered in the course are:

1. Introduction: The Need to Take Human Factors into Account, Incidents and Accidents, Attributable to Human Factors/Human Error, Murphy’s Law
2. Human Performance & Limitations: Human Performance as Part of the Maintenance Engineering System, Vision, Hearing, Information Processing, Claustrophobia, Physical Access and Fear of Heights
3. Social Psychology: The Social Environment, Responsibility: Individual & Group, Motivation & De-Motivation, Peer Pressure, Culture Issues, Team Working, Management, Supervision & Leadership, Maintenance Resource Management (MRM)
4. Factors Affecting Performance: Fitness & Health, Stress: Domestic & Work Related, Time Pressure & Deadlines, Workload – Overload and Underload, Sleep, Fatigue and Shift Work, Alcohol, Medication & Drug Abuse
5. Physical Environment: Noise, Fumes, Illumination, Climate and Temperature, Motion & Vibration, Confined Spaces, Working Environment
6. Tasks: Physical Work, Repetitive Tasks, Visual Inspection, Complex Systems
7. Communication: Within & Between Teams, Work Logging & Recording, Keeping Up-to-Date, Currency, Dissemination of Information
8. Human Error: Error models & Theories, Types of Error in Maintenance Tasks, Implications of Errors (i.e. Accidents), Avoiding & Managing Errors
9. Hazards in the Workplace: Recognising & Avoiding Hazards

Student – Lecturer Ratio

Theory: The ratio of Lecturer to Students is 1:28.

Learning And Teaching Methods

All classes will be taught by lectures.

Student Assessment


Admission Requirements

Ability to communicate in spoken and written English is required.

Graduation Requirements

Upon successful completion of courses. Participants will be awarded the ‘Certificate of Attendance’ by Air Transport Training College


The information provided are the most current at the point of publishing and may be subject to changes. ATTC has the right to make changes to course fees, course syllabus, duration and admission requirements without notice.