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The College’s mission has always been to provide quality and professional training to prepare our students for success in the aviation industry. In addition to achieving the above mission, the College is also concerned with helping the students put their knowledge and skills into meaningful use in the aviation industry upon completing their course. Hence, the job placement service was initiated.

As majority of the part-time students are already workers or professionals in the aviation industry, job placement effort is geared towards the full-time students who are mainly new to the aviation industry. However, the job placement service is not restricted to full-time students only. Part-time students may also approach the College if they require aviation job placement assistance.

The process will begin when the student approaches the end of his course.

1. The Sales & Marketing Manager talks to the students about College’s job placement service on the last day of class prior to commencement of vacation for Foundation Degree in Aircraft Engineering (FdEng) and Applied Diploma in Aerospace Maintenance (ADAM) students / prior to commencement of mini project module for Specialist Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering (SAME)  students

2. Student Services Officer collects and consolidates students’ resumes

3. Student Services Officer forwards students’ resumes to companies that are employing

4. Student Services Officer from Registry tracks students’ employment status on a monthly basis

5. Student employment status is discussed during monthly Senior Management meeting with a view to monitor job placement success rate as reported in the semi-annual submission to the SkillsFuture Singapore.

The College aims to achieve at least 75% employment rate in every batch of graduating students.